In 2014 the  governing  body for Off-Road Racing  in NZ (O.R.A.N.Z) instituted a program of annual inspections to ensure all cars and drivers racing at ORANZ sanctioned events comply with safety requirements as per the ORANZ rules for that class.(See website)

Following a full, on-hoist inspection by scrutineers appointed by each club, a small metal tag is attached to the frame of the vehicle. This tag signals compliance through till the end of the following March.

Cars will still be checked for basic safety issues at each race meeting.

People thinking of getting in to the sport are advised to consult with a club in their area re any car’s  tagged status and suitability.

Waikato Off-Road Club Scrutineering

There are days organised early in the calendar year for members to have their car checked and tagged for free, to meet the March deadline.

Other  scrutineering/tagging  needs are by mutual negotiation with one of the club scrutineers, or using one of the commercial providers listed below.

Club Waikato based:

Glenn Goosen  0274 719 579

Neil Hook          0274 776 286

Club B.O.P based:

Justin Williams     0272 419 050

Jason Delahunty  0272 768 238


VDubbe Shop, Ngaruawhia  – Paul Smith   0274 810 893

PTS, Putaruru – Steve Rowe     0274 985 165

Scrutineering Checklist

Click Here to View from ORANZ website